3 Team Building Reading Answers (Passage 3) In the Academic Reading passage, “ Flight of the Honey”, there are various question types.

Little sign of the 'new man' and there isn't equality in the division of labour, despite women working.

. Questions 10-13.


B Because of a decrease in leisure time in the.

This particular IELTS Academic Reading sample has a passage on- “Job. * aphids: small insects of a different. .

B have clearly segregated roles.

Question 8:- What is the controversial topic that arises with the French historian Philippe Aries’s concept. . Traditionally it has always been women who work in the domestic sphere.

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3 a practical solution to multitask in work environment.

This post can guide you the best to comprehend each Reading. .

Choose A, B or C. Questions 35-37.

3 a practical solution to multitask in work environment.
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. . The division of domestic labour is the tasks given to each person in a house unit.

. . 2 the effects of the introduction of electronic delivery. March 27, 2018. 4 the weakening relationship between the value of goods and the cost of their delivery.

One reason for this division is patriarchy, as society, and the family, is male.

7 What is used to mark out the mowing area for the Automower? 8 What. Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the IELTSData Reading Passage 117 – The Concept of Childhood in Western Countries passage for each answer.

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Questions 18-22.

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